Welcome to Shannon Outdoors

Keith Shannon
President of Shannon Outdoors, Inc.

De-bugging the Outdoor Experience

Like most success stories, Shannon Outdoors began with a need.

Shannon Outdoors founder Keith Shannon needed a way to hunt the hot, humid and mosquito infested Carolina lowlands, where he grew up, without being hindered and harassed by the millions of mosquitoes that haunt that area. Since temperatures in the early deer season are normally in the 90s, long sleeve shirts and thick pants are out of the question.

After some initial trial and error, Keith applied his imagination and created the patented, award-winning Bug Tamer insect protection clothing that launched Shannon Outdoors and redefined an industry. The Bug Tamer generated the praise of thousands of outdoorsmen all over the world and elevated the standard for insect protection.

Bug Tamer was just the beginning and for over 30 years Shannon Outdoors has continued to serve its mission of experimenting and innovating to develop the world’s finest insect protective clothing and other products to enhance the outdoor experience. Our products have shipped all over North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Europe. We proudly serve military, law enforcement, DNR, NASA and more. Our bug clothing and other products are made in the USA and come fully warranted against manufacturer defects with a "Satisfaction Guarantee."

Over the years, anyone who enjoys or works in the outdoors has learned to depend on Shannon Outdoors for insect protective gear. The evolution of our products has resulted in the creation of world-class clothing that will protect the wearer during any outdoor activity. Anyone wearing a Shannon Outdoors Bug Tamer enjoys their time outdoors more…and that’s what it’s all about!

format_quote The Bug Tamer does everything it says. Plus, it's a great lightweight camo that can be used in any weather! format_quote
- Doug Walker, Editor, Western Bowhunter