Shannon Outdoors Mosquito Clothing and Deer Attractant is committed to developing and delivering products for the outdoor market that are the very best in their class.

Continually experimenting, continually innovating the world’s finest insect protective clothing.

Your success is our ultimate reward. Bug Tamer Plus, America’s preferred and best insect protection and camouflage system, began with Keith Shannon’s dissatisfaction with wearing game alarming, potentially hazardous insect repellents while hunting in bug infested areas. Today, Bug Tamer Plus mosquito clothing is widely recognized and respected as the finest “suit of armor” against biting insects that a person can wear. Lightweight and breathable, Bug Tamer Plus takes the bite out of bugs! Real Deer all-natural, volatile organic deer attractant is guaranteed to be the freshest, most effective deer attractant ever sold! No ammonia. No spoiled urine. No foreign ingredients. No chemical breakdown. No spooked deer!

“Use REALDeer and get ready to experience deer behavior you have always dreamed of seeing, “ says Keith Shannon, developer of REALDeer, now in liquid form.”

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What’s New at Shannon Outdoors Mosquito Clothing & Deer Attractant?

Shannon Outdoors has dramatically ramped-up the features of its popular and patented Bug Tamer insect protection garment system. Now, there is a specific twin-mesh Bug Tamer Plus (or the economy single-mesh Bug Buster Plus and BIG LEAF Bug Buster Plus) for every outdoor activity and these garments are stronger and lighter to withstand any rugged challenge.

The garment designers and testers at Shannon Outdoors have ramped up the features of their patented, twin-mesh DoubleGuard® Bug Tamer® Plus insect protection system. Bug Tamer® Plus is lighter and stronger than ever, but retains its unique ability to keep biting insects away from your skin … without requiring irritating spray-on chemical repellents. The result of the improvements – and thousands of successful hunters and fishermen claimed the original Bug Tamer® could not be improved on – is that you will find greater, user-friendly benefits in the line-up of hooded jackets, pants and mitts. Clothing that is World Class for any outdoor activity.

A DoubleGuard® Bug Tamer® Plus uses a new specially designed no-see-um mesh. It’s more than twice as strong as the original, but still allows excellent ventilation. It’s ultra-lightweight and ultra-tear-resistant, too.

The inner mesh layer of the patented DoubleGuard® Bug Tamer® Plus still holds insects away from your skin, but is now cut and sewn from materials that are 50% lighter than the original. That means you have a cooler, more comfortable garment on even the hottest days.

The new Bug Tamer® Plus effectively addresses a hunter’s number one enemy – managing the human body’s natural odors. The Bug Tamer Plus fabric is manufactured using advanced CONTAIN® scent control technology. It can’t wash off and it can’t wear out … for the life of your garment.

Bug Tamer® Plus involves three design upgrades.

  1. Jacket pockets are roomier. They have been moved forward for easier use.
  2. The jacket hood has been redesigned and the face shield is dyed black at eye level, dramatically improving vision through the mesh under any lighting conditions.
  3. The biggest camo leaves in the industry are individually stitched onto each BIG LEAF Bug Tamer® Plus. This makes the BIG LEAF Bug Tamer® Plus superb camo, a totally effective biting, stinging insect-proof system and so light and comfortable that you can hunt successfully in a tee shirt and shorts.