Bug Tamer Plus

For over 30 years BUG Tamer® has been the uncontested leader in premium quality insect protection systems and Shannon Outdoors guarantees that BUG Tamer® PLUS will continue to be the leading brand for many seasons to come.

With patented DOUBLEGUARD® as the main feature, Shannon Outdoors has introduced "Tamer PLUS" the most advanced Insect Protection System ever!

Understanding BUG Tamer's unique ability to stop biting insects starts with the concept of DOUBLEGUARD®, and DOUBLEGUARD® is now better. NEW DOUBLEGUARD® is 50% lighter than the original and more effective at holding insects away from skin. For you, that means a cooler more comfortable early season hunt and total relief from biting insects of all kinds.

But, there's more to the new BUG Tamer® PLUS line than super effective protection, way more. Shannon Outdoors has made a laundry list of improvements that will keep BUG Tamer® PLUS products at the forefront of insect protection systems.

A list of product improvements that makes the leading brand even better. All in one suit.

1) NEW 2X STRONG NO-SEE-UM MESH: Ultra strong cross fibers make the outside mesh the strongest ever used in an insect suit, more than twice as strong as before while still retaining excellent ventilation. Tear resistant and offered in Mossy Oak® NEW Break-UP® and Olive Green.

2) NEW DOUBLEGUARD®: Holds insects at bay with a 50% reduction in weight. Lighter weight translates into a cooler garment during warm, early season hunts when insects are worst.

3) NEW SCENT CONTROL TECHNOLOGY BUILD IN: Advanced Scent Control Technology is formed into the material fibers to control scent as it forms. Can't wash off or wear out for the life of the garment.

4) NEW POCKET DESIGN: Jacket pockets went back to the drawing board and are roomier, and more forward for easier use.

5) NEW SUPER VIEW BLACK FACE SHIELD: Mesh at eye level is now dyed black, dramatically improving vision through the mesh under any lighting conditions.

6) BIG LEAF CAMO: The biggest and most effective camo leaves in the business are individually stitched onto each BIG LEAF BUG Tamer® PLUS. Yes, it's an insect protection suit, but it's also the best 3D camo on the market! Throw a few pairs of jeans and a couple of T-shirts in bag and you can hunt in full camo with one BIG LEAF BUG Tamer® PLUS. Not available in Olive Green.

format_quote I don't think a human could survive [in South Carolina's swamps] more than a couple of hours without the protection of a properly fitting Bug Tamer suit. format_quote
- Jim Godfrey, Outdoor Writer, The Sun News, Myrtle Beach, SC