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Sinew Backed Bows

Sinew Backed Bows

Price: $1,245.00

SKU : #SB001

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Product description:

While the Eastern Indians did not use sinew much, I personally feel it makes one of the finest bows there is. With the high compression strength of the fire hardened wood and the extreme elasticity of the sinew you have a combination that makes a bow with extreme performance and durability.  Shoot it, hunt it as hard and as much as you want, I dare you to try to wear this bow out!  Like all my bows, I build these to be smooth shooting, powerful and accurate hunting machines.  Sinew bows come with either rawhide or snake skin and multiple layers of protection between the sinew and the elements.  These bows are always made with hide glue which allows the sinew to stretch and work unlike many commercial glues.           

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