RealDEER Testimonials

RealDEER comes with complete directions and is shipped by air in coolers with freeze packs.
RealDEER is not a gimmick and will not spook deer. This is the “Real Thing!” Follow our directions and you will see deer behavior that you have never seen before.


Micah Mole

“This buck followed a RealDEER scent trail and was licking the bag when I shot him!”

Dear Keith,

Nice talking with a true hunter who still has that overwhelming excitement as he recaptures his experiences. You know how difficult and rewarding it is to take a pressured whitetail with a bow…and beat him at the scent game! Best of all your RealDEER has added excitement every time I step into the woods. I never had much success with scent and stopped using it. Your ideas appealed to me and I decided to give RealDEER a try.

My first experience with Big Boy was November 7th as a beautiful 8-pointer skirted a field on a cold, snowy morning. He was about out of sight when I spotted him. I did a quick, hard rattling sequence and turned him around. As he checked things out, he began acting suspicious and began walking away.

I rattled again, lightly, and he decided to get downwind like mature whitetails do. I thought, “He’s gonna get me.” He circled 60 yards behind me with his nose in the air. My stomach churned with disappointment. Then, suddenly, he headed off the field right toward my Big Boy scent hanging 20 yards away. he was going so hard toward the scent bag that I worried I wouldn’t get a shot! I drew at 30 yards, made a grunt and stopped him for a broadside shot. Wow, I could not believe it! What would that buck have done if he had reached the scent bag? From that moment, I was sold on RealDEER.

Another time, I actually pulled a buck off a live doe! Without RealDEER, I’d never have seen that deer.

Your Northern Wisconsin Hunting Friend,

Greg Below
Antigo, Wisconsin