“Like you, I have spent many dollars trying to find a deer attractant that really works. One that works on all deer, all the time, without spooking them. With RealDEER, we have done just that! RealDEER is the most advanced, freshest and attractive deer lure ever developed and when used properly, it absolutely will bring deer to your stand.”

What is RealDEER?


The history of RealDEER began with an avid hunter’s search for the real thing and recent university research about chemical communication and physical attraction among whitetail deer. With this in mind, our goal was to develop a lure that has the exact smell of a live deer.

The natural smell of a live deer is much more than the smell of urine and actually comes from the glands of deer. These glands are located on various parts of the deer’s body and produce natural aromatic compounds that adhere to the hairs on the gland. These very special gland hairs have been designed by nature to be the perfect scent absorbing, scent holding medium and contain the very same compounds and smells that deer use for personal identification, scent marking and recognition. In other words, these glands give the deer their own individual smell.

The real secret to producing the smell of a live deer is to immediately seal and deep freeze these compounds and smells once removed from the deer. (This is much like what hospitals do to preserve human tissue and it is the only way to perfectly preserve these volatile compounds.) But, we don’t stop there. We make sure it is kept that way until it reaches you. The end result is the perfect deer attractant.

When deer smell RealDEER they actually think they smell another deer, not deer urine, and their reaction can truly be amazing! Deer are attracted to and seek out other deer and the only thing that smells like a deer is a deer with all of its naturally occurring smells.

For years we have been led to believe that deer communicate primarily through urine and that by using it we could attract deer.

Did you know:….

  • Ammonia is a product of decay and is not natural in the animal world!
  • Deer have never smelled that rank ammonia odor sold in bottles
  • Fresh urine actually smells very mild and mellow!
  • According to the University of Georgia, deer urinate nine times a day, on average! 40 deer per square mile yields 11 gallons of urine per day!
  • According to studies by the University of Georgia, even fresh estrous urine was not found to be significantly more attractive to deer than….water!

RealDEER Is Now Available In 2 oz. Bottles for Increased Versatility

Louisville, GA — When RealDEER All-Natural Deer Attractant was introduced in a frozen bag form in late 1999, the all-natural, volatile organic deer attractant created a storm of interest. Now, because of intense hunter demand, Shannon Outdoors has devised a manner for bottling this volatile organic attractant.

“RealDEER liquid contains the natural volatile odors present on all live deer,” Keith Shannon, president of Shannon Outdoors says. “We have now captured and perfectly preserved in a liquid form, the natural smells and volatile compounds exactly as they occur on a real, live deer. The end result is the perfect deer attractant.”

RealDEER liquid has been tested for two years and the deer attracting abilities of RealDEER are amazing. “Most people will see deer reactions that they have never seen before,” Keith says.

  • New RealDEER liquid is easy to use and to carry. Very user-friendly.
  • RealDEER cannot be used in a negative or game-alarming manner.
  • New RealDEER in liquid form is extremely effective in attracting and holding all deer all the time.
  • New RealDEER liquid form can be stored with your normal hunting gear and used at any time of the year.

Because RealDEER is the natural odor of live deer, it can be used in just about any situation imaginable. RealDEER has been used successfully at scrapes, laying scent trails, rattling, suspended as a scent pouch or post, by sprinkling on the ground and even slinging it onto surrounding brush from your treestand!

SPECIAL NOTE: RealDEER is NOT an imitation, synthetic or a urine-based scent, but contains the exact odors present on all live deer. Therefore, there are no smells from ammonia or spoiled urine, no foreign ingredients, no chemical breakdowns and no spooked deer.

RealDEER Q & A!

Q. How long does RealDEER last?

A. In order to prevent RealDEER from going bad, it is necessary to keep it sealed in your freezer between uses. When it is unsealed and in use it will not go bad, but instead the smell will dissipate over time. On the average, you should get at least 30 to 40 good hours of use from RealDEER making it very economical. After that time the smell will be somewhat less, but it can still attract deer and is still very good for laying scent trails.

Q. How can RealDEER be used?

A. RealDEER can be used in a number of ways. Our favorite method is to first put down a scent trail on the way to a stand, then hang this bag about chest-high to cast the scent in the wind. This can be done with both the Sweet Thang doe scent and the Big Boy buck scent. Another favorite is to use it around scrapes and create real “live deer” mock scrapes.

This is the actual smell of a live doe. The smell of a doe is not a rank, foul smell, but is somewhat mild. Sweet Thang attracts all deer. Does are attracted because they are highly terrirorial and they want to know who the “new gal” is. Bucks are also interested in the new doe and sometimes will begin grunting as they track down the new smell. Once bucks shed velvet for pre-rut, Sweet Thang will attract all deer for the rest of the season.

This is the actual smell of a live buck. It is highly effective in luring dominant bucks when hunting scrapes, rub lines or rutting areas. Bucks become very agitated and possessive when they think their areas are being challenged. Also extremely effective when rattling, calling or using a decoy. A buck expects to see or smell another buck as he comes in. Big Boy gives him what he’s looking for. Extremely effective during pre-rut, rut and post-rut.