Economy Bug Buster Plus

The economical addition to the Shannon Outdoors insect resistant clothing line is the lightweight, single mesh Bug Buster Plus.

“Our Bug Buster Plus ultra-light suits are value-priced,”

says inventor Keith Shannon. “Every outdoorsman can afford protection without having to resort to harmful chemical insect sprays. Bug Buster Plus has all of the outer mesh features of our DoubleGuard Bug Tamer Plus, including CONTAIN scent control technology, however, it does not have the patented inner mesh of the Bug Tamer Plus.  The New 2X strong micro-mesh is tight enough to keep out no-see-ums, but allows plenty of air movement for maximum comfort.

A Bug Buster Plus suit is recommended for light bug infestations and is designed to be worn over long sleeve clothing for maximum protection. A Bug Buster Plus suit will help you be a more successful hunter. You will not continually be swatting mosquitoes or checking for ticks whenever you feel an itch. You can give full attention to hunting even when the weather turns hot and humid and mosquitoes come out.

Lightweight Bug Buster Plus suits are available in two styles – Regular and Big Leaf – each consisting of a hooded jacket and trousers in Mossy Oak New Break-Up camouflage.

Bug Buster Plus suits include these standard Bug Tamer features:

  • The jacket has a sturdy zippered front.
  • Pullover hood for complete head, ear and neck protection.
  • The new black mesh at eye level makes this cool, lightweight head net easy to see through or draw back.
  • Adjustable drawstring provides a secure fit around your head and face.
  • The jacket has elastic at the waist for complete bodily protection. Elastic closure at the wrists helps keep the bugs out.
  • At your ankles, the pants have an elastic closure to keep crawling bugs out.

The Big Leaf Bug Buster Plus is covered with hundreds of individual center-stitched leaf-shapes for a complete three-dimensional effect.

These are the industry’s largest and lightest leaves! It has all the features of the classic, double mesh Bug Tamer Plus except the extraordinarily effective DoubleGuard inner mesh. (The new 2x strong outer mesh and CONTAIN Scent Control are not available in the Bug Buster Plus Olive Drab.)
No leaves are sewn on mitts. The actual number of leaves depends on a garment’s size.

The ultra-lightweight, economy Bug Buster Plus has all the features of the classic, twin mesh Bug Tamer except DoubleGuard inner mesh. Hooded jacket and trousers in strong, no-see-um mesh. It is easy to see through the redesigned hood with black-dyed mesh in any lighting conditions. It quickly and easily pulls back away from your face.

Washing Instructions

For best results and to ensure the longevity of your high quality Bug Buster Plus garment, hand wash in cold water and drip dry.