Bug Tamer Plus Accessories

Headnet with Face Shield

At last, an insect headnet that’s more than a mesh bag you pull over your head! You will thank us every time a mosquito buzzes by your face.

For over a decade, serious outdoorsmen have praised the effectiveness and durability of Bug Tamer insect protection


Super View Face Shield

suits. Our unique DoubleGuard mesh made it possible for thousands of hunters to remain motionless on stand until their trophy arrives. Now, we have brought all this experience and technology to the design of an insect hood that will not only last a lifetime, but it will become an integral part of your early season gear. Far more than a mesh bag to pull over your head, this headnet bears the Bug Tamer name. It is your assurance of quality and durability in the field.

Super View Face Shield: Bug Tamer headnets feature a special blackened mesh around the eyes that dramatically improves vision through the mesh material. Designed to be worn with or without a cap and faceshield can be lifted back to remove from face.

Choice of Patterns: Bug Tamer headnets are built as tough as our complete protection suits and are available in Mossy Oak New Break-Up and new Shannon Olive Drab.

Odor Elimination: Bug Tamer headnets feature CONTAIN odor control technology that is actually formed into the man-made fiber of the material. Will not wash off or wear out EVER!

Full Head and Neck Protection: Bug Tamer headnets are designed to offer collared protection that can be worn tucked or left out of your shirt of jacket. No uncomfortable straps are needed to hold the headnet in place.

Bug Tamer Mitts

For the ultimate in insect protection and for total protection in “sweater weather” when bugs still fly, add Shannon mittenOutdoors mitts to your hunting wardrobe and frustrate even the most tenacious late season bugs. These mitts are “Tamer PLUS” quality and feature flaps in both hands for shooting your gun or bow. (Note: No leaves are sewn on mitts.)