Big Leaf Bug Tamer Plus

Big Leaf Bug Tamer Plus is designed with exclusive Shannon DoubleGuard twin-mesh protection.

The outer, no-see-um mesh has really been beefed-up. It is now twice as strong as earlier Bug Tamers because the new, ultra-strong cross fibers make this outer mesh the strongest ever used in an insect suit. Nevertheless, you can still expect superb ventilation. It is tear-resistant, washable and offered in Mossy Oak New Break-Up and Advantage Timber.

The new DoubleGuard inner layer holds insects at bay with a 50% reduction in weight. Less weight means a cooler garment during warm, early season hunts when insects are at their worst.

contain_logoShannon’s DoubleGuard suits are constructed with patented “CONTAIN” scent control technology built right in. CONTAIN is formed into the material to control scent as it forms. It can not wash off or wear out for the life of the garment.

Check out the new pocket design and super-view black face shield. The jacket’s two side pockets are roomier and moved forward for easier use. The mesh on the pull-over face shield is dyed black, dramatically improving vision under any lighting conditions. These improvements are available in all of our jackets.

Of course, large, (the largest in the industry), pliable camo leaves are individually stitched onto each Big Leaf Bug Tamer BIGleahiresPlus. “Leaves shaking naturally in a breeze and the interchange of light and shadow, give hunters an advantage they never had in standard flat camo,” says Keith Shannon, Bug Tamer Plus inventor. “In a Big Leaf suit there is no slapping at biting bugs and your slow, careful movements are disguised with the illusory Big Leaf effect.” It is insect protection and a whole lot more … effective, lightweight camouflage! (The actual number of leaves depends on a garment’s size.)

The Big Leaf Bug Tamer Plus includes these standard Bug Tamer Plus features:

  • The jacket has a sturdy zippered front.
  • Pullover hood for complete head, ear and neck protection.
  • The new black mesh at eye level makes this cool, lightweight head net easy to see through or draw back.
  • Adjustable drawstring provides a secure fit around your head and face.
  • The jacket overlaps or tucks into the trousers, for complete bodily protection. Elastic at the wrists helps keeps the bugs out.
  • The pants feature elastic and a drawstring at the waist. A drawstring at the ankles keep bugs from climbing up into your suit.
  • The optional (but recommended) mitts have knit cuffs and 3″ slits in the palm for your shooting fingers. They are just right for hunters with a gun or bow. (Leaves are not sewn onto the mitts.)