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River Cane Arrows (Qty 3) Stone Points Are Not Included

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Good arrows are at least as important as the bow if not more so.  When evaluating arrows and point types nothing is more important than experience.  My experience as an avid and exclusive bowhunter began over 40 years ago.  The first 20+ years I used mostly wood shafting and metal broadheads.  The second 20+ years I used river cane and stone points.  During that time I have taken over 200 whitetail and over 200 wild hogs all in Georgia and South Carolina.  Many trophy class bucks 200 pounds and more and many wild hogs 200 to 400 pounds.  I say this not to boast but to point out that my experience taking big game with arrows is fairly extensive.  After all of this experience the arrows I will shoot for the rest of my life is river cane.  If I didn't have river cane I would use whatever good quality cane I could get.  Lastly would be tapered wood shafting.  

River cane and cane in general is far more durable and forgiving to spine than any other natural material bar none.  Tough doesn't begin to describe cane.  River cane will normally shoot very well within +- 10 pounds of draw weight and +- 25 grains point weight.  High quality river cane will shoot as accurate as any material out there including modern materials.  River cane arrows may have small dips and bumps but when properly spined will shoot perfectly.  These arrows are built to +- 2 pounds in spine and +- 10 grains in weight. They are heated to the point of plasticizing and then hand straightened.  All fletching is hand wrapped with natural stained sinew to provide durability and give that true native look.  It is normal for natural materials to have one or two arrows per dozen to have slightly eractic flight, therefore, we will shoot every arrow 3 or 4 times to assure that every arrow you get flies perfectly.  Just because it's "primitive" doesn't mean it's inferior.  I have quite a few nice bucks that will testify to that!

Arrows come with field points.

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