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RealDEER Liquid Deer Attractant

RealDEER Liquid Deer Attractant

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SKU : #RDL-01

Product description:

RealDEER liquid contains the natural volatile odors present on all live deer. We have now captured and perfectly preserved in a liquid form, the natural smells and volatile compounds exactly as they occur on real, live deer. The end result is the perfect deer attractant.  The deer attracting abilities of RealDEER are amazing. Most people will see deer reactions that they have never seen before. RealDEER liquid is easy to use and to carry.  Very user-friendly.  RealDEER cannot be used in a negative or game-alarming manner. RealDEER in liquid form is extremely effective in attracting and holding all deer all the time. RealDEER can be stored with your normal hunting gear and used at any time of the year. Because RealDEER is the natural odor of live deer, it can be used in just about any situation imaginable. RealDEER has been used successfully at scrapes, laying scent trails, rattling, suspended as a scent pouch or post, by sprinkling on the ground and even slinging it onto surrounding brush from your tree stand.

While filming for a television show, Keith took this 228 lbs. Georgia bow kill buck at 15 yards as it was sniffing a pad saturated wth RealDEER. 

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format_quote The buck circled 60 yards away and when he hit the REALDeer scent, he headed toward it so hard I was afraid I wouldn't get a shot! Wow, I couldn't believe it! format_quote
- Greg Below